Burgers & Ball Games

May 28th marks National Burger Day! What better way to celebrate than by grabbing a burger and heading over to cheer on your favorite baseball team? Dive in to discover some of the most delectable burgers that Los Angeles, New York, Austin, and Miami have to offer. Then head over to the field to immerse yourself in America’s favorite pastime. Your friends at RecSpot have rounded up the perfect recommendations for you! 

Goldburger, Los Angeles

Burger Brilliance

It is time to indulge in some of the best burgers around the country. From coast to coast, RecSpot has curated a list ranging from traditional favorites to contemporary classics. Find your new go-to burger, and share it on RecSpot with friends!

Best Burgers By City:

  • Los Angeles: Famed pop-up spot, Goldburger is a classic. Known for their equally delicious and consistent smashburgers, this place surely won’t disappoint.
  • New York: Located in Lower Manhattan, Delmonico’s is known for its steak, but the burger shouldn’t be overlooked. Complete with a crispy onion bun and brie remoulade, this burger is a must-try.
  • Miami: Michelin star recipient Ariete is home to the Chug Burger. Crafted by renowned chef Michael Beltran, the Chug Burger elevates the traditional burger by utilizing ingredients that are handcrafted in house.
  • Austin: Head over to Dai Due for the dish of your dreams. Doubling as a butcher shop, they enhance their burger by incorporating local ingredients and stacking two patties made from aged wagyu.
Dai Due, Austin

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Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

With baseball season in full swing, join us at some of these iconic stadiums to cheer on your favorite teams! Each venue offers an extraordinary experience that welcomes fans to the age-old tradition that is attending a live ball game. These picks are sure to make your day a home-run.

Ball Games By City:

  • Los Angeles: At the third oldest stadium in the nation, grab a Dodger Dog and watch the Los Angeles Dodgers take on their greatest and historic rival, The San Francisco Giants, this June 22-25.
  • Austin: While Austin may not have an MLB team of its own, that doesn’t mean Texas fans don’t have anyone to cheer for. Just a short road trip outside of Austin, guests can watch the Texas Rangers play. Don’t forget to stop by their Hall of Fame display inside the stadium to discover more about the team’s history.
  • Miami: The stadium of the Miami Marlins lies a quick stroll away from beautiful Biscayne Bay. Head over to watch the opening pitch, and enjoy everything from pretzel bites to spicy gator chili!
  • New York City:  A team with over a century of history, the New York Yankees have been home to some of the most legendary players in the league. This July 5-7 they compete against the Boston Red Sox. You won’t want to miss seeing one of the most notable rivalries in professional sports go head to head.
Yankee Stadium, New York

Let RecSpot Guide The Way!

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