Best Hot Wings & Sports Bars

Get ready to savor the fiery flavors of the best hot wings RecSpot invites you on a thrilling adventure to uncover the ultimate spots for spicy chicken and sports bar action! Explore the vibrant atmosphere of Los Angeles, Miami, Austin, and New York with our curated selection of sports bars guaranteed to get you cheering. After enjoying the game, treat yourself to the best hot wings at our handpicked eateries, where you can indulge in irresistible, spicy flavors. Join us for a day filled with excitement, camaraderie, and mouthwatering hot wing delights!

Howlin’ Ray’s, Los Angeles

Ultimate Hot Wing Guide

On the hunt for the ultimate hot wing experience? Look no further! Dive into our carefully selected list of the top hot wing spots in New York, Miami, Austin, and Los Angeles! Each location guarantees mouthwatering flavors and memorable feasts. So grab your crew and get ready to savor every spicy bite!

Best Hot Wings By City:

  • Los Angeles: For the real heat-seekers, Howlin’ Ray’s has a box of wings, served at various spice levels to suit every need. They’re always crispy. The higher the heat, though, the more impossible they are to put down — so beware.
  • New York: Check out International Wings Factory for offbeat options such as the Mexy Q, a Mexican barbecue flavor, and Soul Purifier, a house-made Buffalo-based sauce with spices and chiles. 
  • Miami: Hole in the Wall Tavern is known for their drool-worthy wings. Flavors range from traditional buffalo to honey blackened, but the crowd’s favorite is the spicy garlic.
  • Austin: Head over to Arpeggio Grill where the wings can come in massive orders (up to 100), with spicy flavors like nuclear honey teriyaki, garlic-Parmesan, and spicy barbecue. 
International Wings Factory, New York

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Need a spot to watch the big game?

Longing for a place to catch the game and enjoy the best atmosphere? RecSpot has you covered! We’ve scouted out the best sports bars in a city near you, whether you’re in the bustling streets of New York, enjoying the sunshine in Miami, embracing the chill vibes of Austin, or living it up in Los Angeles. Gather your friends and get ready to cheer on your favorite team at these top-notch venues, where the excitement never stops!

Best Sports Bars By City:

  • Los Angeles: Grab a stool and order a bacon burger and craft beer at The Woodman. As one of the Valley’s best sports bars, this spot checks off the sports bar requirements easily with ample seating, a tasty food menu, and a view of the game from practically anywhere.
  • Austin: At Haymaker, Football games are made complete with burgers, wings, and beer from the Cherrywood neighborhood bar. Longhorn, Detroit Lions (football), and general soccer fans will feel at home. 
  • Miami: A beloved gem by Miami locals, Mike’s At Venetia  is on the ninth floor of an unsuspecting condo building. For over 30 years, Mike’s has featured games on its 27 televisions and even offers specials tailored to whatever sport is in season.
  • New York City: Blondies on the Upper West Side is frequented by football fans rooting for Michigan State, Ohio State, Northwestern University, Penn State, and University of Oklahoma. The staff here is friendly, and they’ll play any game requested.
Mike’s At Venetia, Miami

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