National Chocolate Ice Cream Day + County Fairs

June 7th marks National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! What better way to celebrate than by grabbing a scoop of your favorite chocolate ice cream and heading over to your local county fair? Dive in to discover some of the most delectable ice cream spots that Los Angeles, New York, Austin, and Miami have to offer. Then head over to the fairgrounds to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere, complete with rides, games, and fun for the whole family. Your friends at RecSpot have rounded up the perfect recommendations for you!

Image source: Taste of Home

Indulge in Ice Cream Bliss

It is time to indulge in some of the best chocolate ice cream around the country. From coast to coast, RecSpot has curated a list ranging from traditional favorites to contemporary classics. Whether chocolate is your go to flavor or not, RecSpot has handpicked spots that will have whatever you are looking for. Discover hidden gems and iconic parlors serving up the creamiest, dreamiest chocolate scoops. Find your new go-to ice cream spot, and rate and review it on RecSpot with friends!

Best Ice Cream Parlours By City:

  • Los Angeles: At Magpies Softserve, you can grab a waffle cone swirled with flavors like malted milk chocolate and black sesame flavors, or take home a vegan Mexican hot chocolate ice cream pie for later.
  • New York: Located in northwest Harlem, Sugar Hill Creamery is the small-batch scoop shop with a Madagascar chocolate that is to die for!
  • Miami: Sweet Melody is the only shop in town makes its ice cream blends from scratch from start to finish. The result is a creamy, dense, almost chewy ice cream in flavors ranging from classic Belgian chocolate to Seinfeld and Miami Heat-themed pints.
  • Austin: Visit Gati Ice Cream, the vegan/gluten-free ice cream shop with coconut milk ice creams in flavors like turmeric, matcha, and delicious chocolate.
Sweet Melody, Miami

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Fair Fun Awaits

With summer in full swing, RecSpot has gathered a list of iconic county fairs so you can enjoy the festive fun! Each fair offers an extraordinary experience that welcomes visitors to the age-old tradition of attending a lively fairground. These picks are sure to make your summer a little brighter!

Ball County Fairs By City:

  • Los Angeles: Just a short trip out of LA, the OC Fair will be open from July 19 – August 18! Discover live entertainment, amazing food & treats, and thrilling rides.
  • Dallas: Plan your visit for the State Fair of Texas, open this September 27 – October 20! Amazing food, games, and entertainment await!
  • Miami: The Miami-Dade County Fair is open from March 13-April 6. This fun-filled event is not one you will want to miss so mark your calendars!
  • New York City: Just a short trip out of the city, Empire State Fair is located in Long Island and will be open from June 28 – July 14. Dare to ride the thrilling rides or indulge in the tasty sweets and treats!
Empire State Fair, New York

Let RecSpot Guide The Way!

Rely on RecSpot to lead the way in creating unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re looking for the best ice cream shop to celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day or hoping to visit a county fair, your friends on the RecSpot app have you covered. Unlike other platforms, Recspot ensures the recommendations come from people you trust. RecSpot has established a community platform where you can discover the interests and activities of your friends and family.

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