Turkey Dinner and… Espresso? National Espresso Day Coincides with Thanksgiving This Year, and We’re Sharing Our Favorite Coffee Spots

By REX – 2023-11-21 12:34:24

As Thanksgiving approaches, we eagerly anticipate indulging in our favorite holiday dishes, immersing ourselves in classic fall and Thanksgiving movies, and catching up on the latest streaming releases. However, this year, there’s an extra treat on our radar – National Espresso Day coincides with Thanksgiving on November 23rd. To celebrate, we’re delighted to share our top five coffee spots in both Los Angeles and New York City. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these coffee havens are worth exploring. If you’re interested in sharing your own favorite spots, download the RecSpot app now to curate and share your RecLists with friends.

Sip and Savor: Our Curated RecList of Must-Try Coffee Spots

Espresso, with its rich and robust flavor, has earned its place as a beloved beverage worldwide. As coffee culture continues to thrive, we’ve handpicked five exceptional coffee shops in both LA and NYC that stand out amid the global coffee scene.

Los Angeles:

  1. Go Get Em Tiger: Go Get Em Tiger is a growing coffee empire in LA, founded by Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski. With eight locations throughout the city, each outpost maintains a charming nuance, offering patrons an array of to-go goods, house-made cold brew, and delightful spaces for a memorable coffee experience.
  2. Mandarin Coffee Stand: Nestled in a glass-covered courtyard on South Lake Avenue, Mandarin Coffee Stand offers outstanding espresso drinks. The small but mighty shop is known for its delightful seating area, making it a must-try for those seeking both quality drinks and a pleasant ambiance.
  3. Community Goods: Community Goods, located in Weho, provides a pleasant atmosphere for patrons to enjoy genuinely good coffee. With outdoor seating and a variety of beverages, including the popular vanilla bean latte, it’s a great spot to spend some time networking or playing influencer bingo.
  4. Alfred: Alfred, despite its trendy reputation, remains consistent in delivering quality brews. With locations scattered across the city, this coffee shop has become an LA favorite. Try the iced lavender latte for a caffeine boost.
  5. La La Land Kind Cafe: the Los Angeles-based coffee chain La La Land Kind Cafe exudes happiness. Their vibrant coffee shops offer a range of delicious drinks and bites, making it the perfect place to spend the day working in a dog-friendly environment.

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New York City:

  1. La Cabra: La Cabra, located in the East Village, is one of the city’s best coffee shops. Known for excellent coffee, exquisite pastries, and appealing Scandinavian style, it’s worth braving the lines for a perfect cappuccino and a cardamom bun.
  2. Black Fox Coffee: Dedicated to providing a European café experience, Black Fox Coffee has three outposts in Manhattan’s Financial District and Midtown. Sourcing beans globally, they offer stylish European-style spaces with wooden espresso bars and chic light fixtures.
  3. Daily Provisions: A popular choice in NYC, Daily Provisions is known for its exceptional coffee. With a focus on quality, this coffee shop, part of the Union Square Hospitality Group, ensures a delightful coffee experience.
  4. Astoria Coffee: Astoria Coffee, with its friendly staff and natural light-filled space, is perfect for a quick pick-me-up. Enjoy the inviting ambiance before taking your coffee to go.
  5. Devoción: Devoción stands out for its commitment to providing the freshest coffee. Roasted and brewed in Brooklyn, their beans come from more than 1,000 local farms in Colombia, emphasizing a short journey from roast to brew.

With So Many Choices, RecSpot is Here to Help

With an abundance of coffee shops worldwide, the choices are endless. Whether you find yourself in the bustling streets of Los Angeles or the vibrant neighborhoods of New York City, these curated selections offer a glimpse into the diverse and thriving coffee culture. And if you’re eager to share your favorite spots and discover new ones, don’t forget to download the RecSpot app. Create your own RecList and explore the favorites of your friends – because every coffee experience deserves to be shared.

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