Birth of the Brownie

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Did you know Chicago is home to the original brownie? With Chicago being widely recognized as the deep dish pizza capitol of the United States, not many people do. Located in the heart of the city, The Palmer House Hotel in Chicago’s Loop is where the iconic, American dessert was created in 1893. Included in our list for the best brownies in the country, The Palmer House Hotel is open to visitors who are eager to try their famous brownies. This National Brownie Day on December 8th, savor and indulge in the decadence of a perfectly baked brownie—a delightful celebration of this beloved dessert that has stood the test of time since 1893.

Brownie Bliss: Our List of The Nation’s Sweet Spots

Embark on a delectable journey across the United States with our curated list of the Nation’s Best Brownie Spots, including a few must-try spots in the city of Chicago, home of the brownie. If you’re interested in sharing your own favorite spots, download the RecSpot app now to curate and share your RecLists with friends.

Best of The Best:

  • Los Angeles: Check out Milk, a retro sweets shop with lots of ice cream and old school goodies. So it should come as no surprise that behind the counter there are not only blondies and peanut butter brownies, but a classic chocolate brownie. What’s more? These delicious brownies are used to make ice cream sundaes that are off the charts! Adorable, Sherman Oaks bakery, Sweet Butter Kitchen has quite a few kinds of brownies in their pastry case. Although all the options are delectable, the chocolate brownies with meringue topping take the spotlight.
  • Miami: Although Cindy Lou’s Cookies has the word cookies is in this bakery’s name, Cindy Lou is baking up much more than cookies in her cozy Little River shop. Here, the irresistible aroma of freshly baked brownies beckons, promising a symphony of indulgence with each decadent square. Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop offers a ridiculously good, best selling, brownie bomb pie at the top of every brownie-lovers list in South Florida.
  • Austin: Family bakery, Tiff’s Treats gives the best welcoming and cozy feel with an even better gooey, chocolate brownie. Known for their warm cookies and brownies, Tiff’s Treats is a bakery that does not disappoint! At Capital City Bakery, it’s about more than just sweet treats – their bakery was built on a love for food, a desire to foster community, and a passion for providing Austin with high quality pastries made from scratch. One little bake shop, a whole lotta love, and seriously delicious brownies.
  • New York City: Fat Witch Bakery‘s buttery chocolate brownies served at the Chelsea Market outlet are sure to leave you spellbound. Brownie lovers who want to expand from classic cocoa, have plenty of options: The fudgy squares come topped with everything from walnuts to dried cherries to nubs of gooey caramel. Vegan, gluten-free and kosher-keeping sweet tooths aren’t left out of the brownie fun at Blossom Bakery. At this Chelsea bakery, you can get a decadent nut-free, double-chocolate brownie made with organic cocoa powder and a mess of vegan chocolate chips.
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Best of the best in Chicago:

  • Savoring the rich history of the brownie becomes a delectable reality at The Palmer House Hotel, where each bite of their legendary brownies is a journey through time. They served nearly four tons of brownies in 2022 alone, and it is easy to see why with their sweet and rich, fudgy brownies, topped with walnuts and an apricot glaze.
  • Sweet Mandy B’s began in the kitchen at home, baking traditional comfort desserts for family and friends and watching the joy on their faces as they took their first bite. Enjoy a sweet, nostalgic bite of brownie here at the old fashioned dessert bakery.
  • One of the oldest family-owned retail bakeries in Chicago, Weber’s Bakery is home to a velvety, warm brownie worth trying. Passed down from generation to generation, Weber’s Bakery is committed to a Chicago tradition and excellence in their baked products. 
The Palmer House Hotel, Chicago, IL
Image source: Forbes

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