Dog Parks & Pet-friendly Cafes

Whether you’re craving vibrant outings with your furry friend or searching for cozy cafes where pets are welcome, your friends on the RecSpot app have handpicked the ideal suggestions for you. Set off on an exciting adventure to explore the best dog parks in Los Angeles, Miami, Austin, and New York, where your dog can frolic to their heart’s content. Afterwards, treat yourself and your four-legged friend to delightful treats at our recommended pet-friendly cafes!

Kennedy Dog Park, Miami

A Walk In The Dog Park

Looking for the perfect spot to let your pup roam free? Check out our list of the best dog parks in New York, Miami, Austin, and LA! These parks offer ample space for off-leash fun and socialization, ensuring a tail-wagging good time for your furry friend. So leash up and get ready for some outdoor adventures!

Best Dog Parks By City

  • Los Angeles: Open sunrise to sunset, Lake Hollywood Park has tons of wide open space for your dog to run free. The park also offers picnic tables for those looking to make a day out of their visit.
  • New York: Tompkins Square Dog Run boasts a sandlike surface, a wading pool, picnic tables, tennis balls and lots of room for dogs to explore, with two separate enclosed spaces for large and small canines.
  • Miami: The beautifully lush, Kennedy Dog Park has two separate areas for smaller and larger dogs as well as water fountains for dogs and their owners.
  • Austin: Let your pooch lead the way at Onion Creek District Park where dogs can roam off leash in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.
Tompkins Square Dog Run, New York

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A Date With Your Dog

Looking to enjoy a cup of coffee or a tasty treat without leaving your furry friend behind? Look no further! Your friends on the RecSpot app have compiled a list of the best pet-friendly cafes in some of the trendiest cities across the US. From the bustling streets of New York to the sunny shores of Miami, the laid-back vibes of Austin, and the so-cal scene of LA, there’s a spot for every pet owner to enjoy some quality time with their four-legged companions.

Best Pet-Friendly Cafes By City:

  • Los Angeles: The owner of Bar Hermanito created a dining area space (including doggy doors for the “perros”) that leaves plenty of room to bring dogs while eating their five-spice duck with a cocktail.
  • Austin: There’s plenty of space to play with your pooch on Epoch Coffee‘s patio while sipping a latte. In addition to coffee staples, each of their locations features the artwork of a different Austin artist.
  • Miami: Carrot Express has a dozen dog-friendly locations. Order the salmon burger or marinated chicken breast with cilantro brown rice, avocado, and pico de gallo to share with your furry best friend.
  • New York City: Borris & Horton’s is best known as NYC’s cutest dog-friendly cafe & community space. Stop by for a latte and a treat for you pup! They sell their famous freeze-dried treats in a few different flavors in store.
Borris & Horton’s, New York

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