TV Show Characters Who Would Make Great Friends

By Recspot – 2022-06-30 21:49:30

There is no doubt in our mind that these characters would be besties. We could only hope they would let us into their friend group too! Here is a fun challenge: Find a show with a character that remind you or your bestie then share the rec with them on RecSpot and see if they agree!

Sheldon Cooper & Dwight Schrute

We’re could see them talking for hours about… who knows what

Emily in Paris & Carrie Bradshaw

Their shared love for shopping would surely make them the best of friends

John Donaghy & Ari Gold

A business meeting between these two would in no doubt be entertaining  

Monica Geller & Claire Dunphy

Could you imagine the cross-over episode???

Christopher Moltisanti & Jesse Pinkman

We just feel like they would really bond over their ~illegal activities~


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