Welcome to RecSpot

Welcome to RecSpot

Hi there, we would like to introduce you to RecSpot’s blog, a space dedicated to providing you with insights on everything you want to know about RecSpot: updates, latest news, releases, trending content spotlights, and new app features. So welcome, glad you are here.

A way to find and organize trustworthy recommendations all in one place is nowhere to be found. That’s where RecSpot comes in. Created by entrepreneurs and pop-culture obsessives who’ve built for leading brands such as Amazon, SoulCycle, Equinox and Hermes, RecSpot is a new go-to destination for exchanging, discovering and watching your favorite movies and television shows. Before long, you’ll also be able to hop into RecSpot to find the perfect restaurant for what you’re in the mood to eat, just the right hotel, the summer’s hottest songs and almost anything else that makes life better — all recommended by people you know and trust. Say goodbye to endless group chats, Word documents and notes-app lists to try to keep track of all the content you already love or have yet to enjoy!

Following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, online video streaming experienced more than a 30% increase in the U.S. and Mexico alone. Furthermore, a recent news article by Technavio stated that “the global online streaming services market is expected to grow by USD149.96 billion, at a CAGR of over 18% during 2020–2024.”With the influx of online streaming, streaming service providers and new content available to stream, everyone is excited to share which hot shows and movies they are watching. As a result, text-message conversations and social platforms are constantly flooded with recommendations and different lists of streamable entertainment. But when you finally sit down on the couch and flick on the TV, it’s impossible to navigate your way through the endless recs to know what you’ll actually enjoy. “RecSpot is not just a content company. It is a personalized community of like-minded people,” states Ian O’Brien, RecSpot founder. “There are a handful of apps and platforms that promise to deliver the best recommendations, most unique content and most tailored experience, but fall short of their promise because no algorithm can really know personal tastes as well as one’s own network of friends, family and colleagues. RecSpot replaces the endless texts between friends of what to watch — and, soon, what to listen to or where to eat. It cuts through the noise and delivers recommendations users are seeking.”

Connect with your friends within the app once your profile is all set up by following them, or by inviting them to RecSpot if they have not yet downloaded the app. Your account will be private upon creation by default, but you can easily switch to a public profile if that is your preference!

Recommend content to your network by swiping through movies and TV shows you have watched to leave a rating or add a comment. You can also add content you recommend to personalized lists that will be displayed under “RecLists” within your profile page and see the shows you have rated so far within the “MySpot” tab on your profile. If there’s any content you want to watch later, put it “OnDeck,” where you can easily find it anytime.

Discover what content the people you are following recommend in one of two ways. First, you can find what people are liking and find new content easily within your activity feed. Second, within the search bar you can search specific titles and top results, and see which titles in your search have already been recommended by your personal network.

Experience trends within your network of friends and interact with their likes and recommendations in-feed. Swipe through friends’ top content in an easy-to-consume and engaging experience. Save, comment, create lists and share. When you find something that piques your interest, you can stream the content on your device, all from within the RecSpot app.

In case you want to get a head start on recommending some new content to your inner circle, here is an article on Harper's Bazaar that lists all the content coming to Netflix in the month of October!